dedicated and professional stay-in housekeeper/cleaner in 2023

A stay-in housekeeper and a cleaner are needed for this position.

stay-in housekeeper

Duties need to be expected

We have an exciting opportunity for a Stay-in housekeeper (90-day contract). The effective officeholders will be responsible for maintaining the Branch’s neatness and cleanliness, as well as ensuring that the building is usually in ideal and organized form.


8th grade/STD6/ABET level 3

Experience with housekeeping (if you are a man).

She was concentrated on her work.

Learn English


Not slow

I’m looking for someone between the ages of 25 and 45 who is unemployed.

She should be someone who adores children.

She should be a resurrected Christian (I have my own reasons for this desire). She should be able to work without being supervised.



stay-in housekeeper


Cleaner dressed in uniform in accordance with established regulations and guidelines. Individual cleanliness was generally maintained.
Ensures that workstations are pristine and clean prior to opening, during administration, and at closing times (this includes both inside and outside the Branch, as well as the vehicle Park area).
The floors are cleansed and wiped, scoured, and vacuumed. The walls have been cleaned. Deny accumulates and is rejected. Receptacles must be drained, washed, or cleaned, and deny packs must be replaced.

The latrines must be cleaned.

Tables and counters, seats, television screens, furnishings, lights, and maybe hardware are all flawless and clean before colleagues begin working.
Ensures that help areas are immaculate and tidy during peak and quiet periods.
Cleaning synthetic substances and cleaning cleansers should be used appropriately.
As needed, requests cleaning solutions or potentially worn cleaning hardware such as mops/brushes/dusters from the Branch Director.

Declares breakages to the home’s owner.
Weekly cleaning of branch climate control system channels.
Ensure that all tables and seats in the Gaming areas are kept up with – seat coverings are worn and substitutions are made as needed.

Table legs are accustomed to avoid swaying, and tabletops and edges should be considered if renovation is required.

stay-in housekeeper apply here


Extraordinary correspondence and interpersonal skills.
Excellent scrupulousness.
The highest level of honesty, dependability, and consistency.
Show firm tender loving care while remaining proficient.
Excellent client assistance skills.
Capability to step up to the plate while keeping up with the demands of the job.

Please be advised that only those candidates who meet the minimum requirements will be considered.

Please let me know whether it’s a good idea for you not to be reached in 5 days or less. Consider your application to be futile.


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stay-in housekeeper

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